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Code Fox

Code Fox

A Macro Fox employed by the Dubai fire department is called on to extinguish a blaze, but after performing his duties can't resist the urge of a little destructive fun.

Tags: Macro, Growth, Destruction, Vore (oral), Crushing, Watersports

The peace of an early Saturday morning was shattered by the sirens of speeding firetrucks, the air blanketed by a thin layer of smoke. The source of all this chaos was a fire at one of Dubai's towering residential buildings. One side of the Torch building was lit up by a bright flame shooting out of the tower several stories high. The fire spread up the tower like a raging bull, fueled by the strong desert winds. The firefighters who were on the scene were powerless to stop it. Their trucks and ladders were too small to scratch the surface of the fire, and their hoses weren't long enough to combat the growing fire. Faced with insurmountable odds, the fire chief radioed for their last resort backup, declaring a Code Fox. This wasn't a decision to be taken lightly. The risks involved to Dubai's inhabitants were immense, but when there was an emergency the department couldn't handle, they could call on one firefighter who could fight any blaze.

As an unusual shadow blocked the morning desert sun, the source of the shaking was revealed. Kaden, a giant fox walked down the empty road wearing nothing more than a pair of boots and a fireman's helmet. His cock swung like a pendulum in between his ripped legs. Even in it's softened state, it eclipsed the length of two fire trucks. His muscles bulged out to create the perfect fireman's body, achieving that happy medium between a jock and a bodybuilder He arrived at the scene of the burning tower, taking a moment to examine the situation, and then looked down at his micro comrades, shaking his head with a pitiful grin. It was nothing he hadn't seen before. A fire that his clueless human colleagues struggled to deal with he could knock down in a matter of seconds.

He casually took position at the tower, it's top floors at his eye level, and aimed his cock at the bright inferno. The slit opened up, delivering a powerful blast of piss which instantly turning the shooting flames into a cloud of warm steam. He shifted his cock up and down the tower, extinguishing all of the flames and dousing any hotspots. The evacuated billionaire residents hacked and coughed at the pungent smell of the macro fox's morning piss. Their expensive residence might reek of vulpine urine for some time, but they could breathe a sigh of relief that their homes were saved from the fire. After more than a minute of heavy piss assault, the fire was completely extinguished.

With his job done, the fox took a look around the city. Just thinking of what fun he could have sent the blood rushing to his growing shaft. There was a price to pay for his services and it was time for Dubai to pay up. He proceeded down the road, gently caressing his growing member, each footfall producing strong tremors right across the city. The towering blocks of steel and glass swayed noticeably, as if to bow to the almighty power of the horny vulpine and beg for mercy. Before long, he reached the end of the closed road, where a massive crowd of curious onlookers had gathered to witness the size of this macro creature. Most of these people were foreign nationals who had no idea how deadly a horny fox could be, and despite enormous mass approaching them, did not move.

By now, Kaden was fully hard, his shaft the size of a Boeing 767. Walking casually past the road block he didn't even bother looking down on his audience as he prepared to take his first step right into the crowd of tiny humans. A collective scream of horror sounded from the crowd as a massive footpaw hurled its way towards them. The crowd was so densely packed that there was little opportunity to move out of the way. Dozens of them were instantly crushed when Kaden's foot made contact, their bodies exploding in a bloody mess. Kaden moaned at the warm feeling from the gut treatment his pads received. The macro firefighter continued his casual stroll down the packed street, a pleasurable moan coming out of his muzzle with each deadly footfall. He never once looked down at his scrambling victims, but seemed to instinctively know where plant each step to cause the most casualties. Even as the crowds thinned, his feet constantly shifted position to land on the most crowded area, as if those pawpads had eyes.

When Kaden did look down, his stomach grumbled as he noticed a large group of expats trying to outrun him. He couldn't help but laugh at their futile attempts to escape. Rather than going for the kill right away, he decided to have a little fun with them first. A few extra long steps was all it took for him to catch up to his micro targets. He stomped on either side of the running mass, trapping them in between his gore soaked feet. He slowed his pace down to baby steps to keep his movement in sync with the humans who ran as fast as they could.

“Man this is soooooo easy” Kaden boomed down mockingly at the humans. “Like a stroll in the park.”

It was at that point that the micros began to realize how hopeless they were. While the fox wasn't breaking even a drop of sweat, the humans were running out of energy. One by one, the humans collapsed to the ground like a deck of cards, spent of any strength to continue their futile attempts to escape.

Kaden sat down in the middle of the road, enclosing his micro victims in between his legs. He waved his hard cock just above the panting humans, wafting down his erotic scent on the trapped mass. His muzzle curled up into a mischievous grin, his tongue sliding across his lips as he looked down on his little snacks. Spurred on by this malice smile from the fox, some of the humans made one last effort to escape, climbing up the mountain of furry legs. Kaden broke out in laughter as they held on to his fur for dear life. He plucked them out with frightening ease and dropped them in his right paw. The macro fox took a moment to savor the desperate cries of his food before unceremoniously lifting them up to his open maw and tossing them in. The crunching sounds of his chewing echoed down on the remaining humans, blanketing them with the horror that this would be their fate as well.

“ humans are so tasty” Kaden said as he reached down to grab more humans. The resulting chorus of screams from between his legs only made his victims more enticing. He embarked on a feeding frenzy, showing pawful after pawful of wiggling micros into his salivating maw. The screams below were soon extinguished, with all of his snacks chewed to bits and on their way down to his stomach.

Kaden rose to his feet, licking any remains of his meal from his paws. With his stomach satisfied, his attention then turned to his shaft which was now aching for attention. He gave the throbbing tip a good rub as he looked around for something to help satisfy his erotic urges. In a city as vast as Dubai, there were plenty of fuckable skyscrapers for the horny fox to choose from. There was one building though that stood out for him, a certain 7 star hotel that he would turn into his 7 star cum dump. He made his way towards the Burg Al Arab, caressing his throbbing shaft, which seemed to grow harder as he got closer.

Inside the hotel, it was total chaos, with people stampeding down the stairs trying to evacuate the building. Only a handful of people managed to get out of the tower before the giant fox arrived, and they were quickly crushed to death under his massive footpaws. Kaden gathered up hotel's fleet of chauffeur cars, crushing them into a mangled piled before stacking them up against all of the exits. Having insured against anyone else escaping his wrath, the foreplay could begin.

“Hey there” Kaden said in a quiet and seductive voice. He rubbed his paws up and down the glass facade while pressing his cock against windows, marking several floors of windows with his pre. He gnawed on the hotel's steel mast, the only part of the hotel at eye level with the mega fox. His bite was more of a playful nip, but still enough to leave a noticeable dent in the towering pole.

“Gonna make you my bitch. Open up a nice hole for my fat cock and fill you up with my big foxy load. Think you can handle it?”

While all of this was gentle play to Kaden, it was the opposite for those trapped inside. The hotel's hollow atrium was inundated with the sounds of scratching and bending steel. The fox's words were also picked up loud and clear, his erotic threats only adding to the terror of the trapped. A sudden crash from the upper floors prompted the crowd to look up where they saw the pink head of the fox's cock sticking out into the atrium.

“Yeah, that's it, take my big meat” Kaden grunted, thrusting his hips forward. His cock jetted across the atrium, crashing into several floors of suites on the other side.

“'re so tight. Better hang on, gonna give it to you good.”

Kaden began thrusting his hips with an aggressive rhythm, driving his massive pink shaft in and out of the building. The firefighting fox changed his angle of attack with each thrust, plowing through a previously untouched area. His low grunts of sadistic pleasure echoed throughout the city, shattering windows for miles around.

Inside the doomed structure, it was a desperate fight for survival. People trampled over each other, running in all directions in search for safety. Some tried to break through the blockade of crushed cars to the outside, while others sought out some form of shelter. There was nowhere to run or hide though. While the glass doors were shattered, the stack of crushed cars was so insurmountable that it didn't let any outside light in. The large atrium was a death trap with a constant stream of debris crashing down on those who attempted to take cover under furniture. Anyone who escaped a crushing death found themselves drowning in a growing flood of pre raining down from the fox's large slit. Making the experience that much worse was the nonstop sound of crashing combined with the fox's erotic grunts, which was so deafening that people couldn't hear their own screams. Then there was the smell, that thick hormonal musk from Kaden's shaft consumed the atrium making breathing near impossible.

Kaden's moans grew deeper with a surge of pressure in his balls, his thrusts taking on a frantic pace.

“Oh yeah, this is gonna be a big one. Fuck, get ready for it.”

With a mighty roar, his cock erupted like a raging volcano, one that had been dormant for centuries but was coming back to life to take it's revenge on a hopeless population. Huge gobs of cum fired out of the piss slit, slamming into what remained of the walls with the force of a wrecking ball before crashing to the lobby below. Kaden withdrew his cock enough to wrap his paws around the base and pump it for all it was worth. The fox's cum built up rapidly on the ground and to the horror of the people inside, seemed to take on a life of it's own. It slivered it's way through mangled piles of debris, swallowing up people in a blanket of erotic goo. The sticky seed inundated multiple floors and was rising faster than most people could escape up a shaking staircase. Those who were quick enough to stay one step ahead of the expanding mass were forced to choke on the overwhelming odor of sex.

By the time Kaden's orgasm was finished, half of the hotels floors were smothered in his steaming mountain of cum. His balls thoroughly drained, he pulled his limp cock out of the well used building, a once tall and proud landmark reduced to nothing more than a heavily used sex toy. The hunky fox couldn't help but feel a gleaming pride at he looked down at the fruits of his labor.

Kaden wasn't done with his destructive fun yet though, because his bladder was once again full. He walked down the shoreline wearing a mischievous grin on his muzzle, scanning the city for a target he could decimate with his golden water jet. A man made chain of islands caught his attention. Holding many million dollar homes, The Palms was another opportunity for the massive vulpine to show just how much power he had over the human population. The island's residents had just been awoken by the tremors and had watched the fox batter their landmark hotel now found themselves under the malevolent shadow of this destructive firefighter.

“These palms look so dry” Kaden commented with a sadistic tone. “I think they could use a good watering, don't you?”

The residents poured out of their luxury homes in panic, many of them wearing nothing more than bath robes. They ran down to their escape route only to find it blocked by a yacht sized paw. The pleas for mercy on their expensive homes came thick and fast from the powerless humans. These squeals only drew an amused laugh from the Kaden as he let his bladder go. Even more powerful than the stream that put out the fire, his piss was delivered with such force that the well built homes crumbled like gingerbread houses, right down to their foundations. The residents could only watch in grief as the unrecognizable remains of their prized properties were washed out to sea by a tidal wave of rank piss.

“Oops, did I just destroy you homes, tiny humans? I'm so sorry” Kaden said in the most unapologetic way. “Luckily, I have a new and even better home for you.”

The fact that the giant fox said this while rubbing his stomach sent the humans in a panicked frenzy. With nowhere to run, the brave few decided to try swimming away in the yellow sea of urine. None of them made it though as they were too slow compared to Kaden's paws which quickly scooped up every one of them. They thrashed and screamed as they were lifted up and given a close up view of the bulging musculature that would spell the end of their worthless lives. Kaden didn't even give a second thought, tipping his head back and letting the screaming mass of humans fall into his open. He held them in there for a minute as they continued thrashing in the dark wet cave of his mouth, amused at how they still believed escape was possible. One big gulp was all it took to send them falling toward his stomach.

Having satisfied his lustful urges, Kaden walked back to his home in the desert. The modern Arab city was left smelling like a dirty beach bathroom that had just hosted a massive orgy. It was a reminder that no matter how big the city was, it would always be the plaything of that big horny fox.