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Tokala Macrowolf

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Tokala Macrowolf

A size shifting grey alpha wolf with a love for destroying cities in the most evil and lewd ways known to humanity. He plays for the Baltimore Seals hockey team as a forward. As a third or fourth line guy, his skills aren't the best, maybe 15 goals a year at best. What he brings to the table is toughness, delivering bone jarring hits and getting into rock em sock em fights, winning the admiration of fans and teammates alike. His powers also win him favor amongst the team since he often shrinks cities and brings them into the locker room right after a game, giving everyone the chance to have a bit of macro fun. At the same time though, they are well aware of the dangers of having a size shifting teammate. He can, and often does, decide to shrink some of them for a little personal fun.


Born deep within the forests of northern Minnesota, he was under the care of his mother until he hit puberty, when he left to be with the males of the Fangkotah tribe. It was there he was nutured by the alpha wolves to being a destructive macro in the rich tradition of the tribe. His first rampage came at the age of 15 in the town of Nashwauk at just 150 feet. Once he got his first taste of being big, there was no going back. Over the next few years, he gained more powers and honed his style until he was fully initiated with a full tribal rampage and orgy in Chicago, making him a proper alpha male.

Base stats

As an alpha male, Tokala can change his size at will, including the size of any body parts. However, he generally likes to keep the proportions consistent.

Base height: 6'6"
Weight: 230
Cock size: 12 in
Foot size: 17


Size shifting:

Tokala can change the size of himself or others with indigenous chants. His typical macro height is anywhere between 200 feet and 2000 feet, depending on the location of his rampage and the size of the buildings. He has been known to grow to several miles and hump entire cities into oblivion. There are also chants that allow him to shrink and teleport everything from cars and buses to entire cities into his posession.


He has super sensitive hearing so he can hear the screams of his terrified victims up to 1500 feet away.


Like all males in the Fangkotah tribe, he has developed a resistance to all weaponry. The more powerful weapons, like nuclear bombs, can knock him off his feet, but the damage is nothing more than a few scrapes