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The Fangkotah Tribe

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The Fangkotah Tribe

The Fankotah tribe is a pack of size shifting native wolves who live deep in the woods of northern Minnesota. They count all of North America as their territory and stomp all over the land as hulking macro wolves, asserting their dominance over all who live under their paws.

According to legend, a group of space traveling wolves from the distant planet Neeheeoeewootis, invaded Earth not long after the extinction of the dinosaurs. They gave birth to a litter of pups, raising them to adulthood and then returning home. Armed with the size shifting powers of their parents, this now grown up pack of wolves started the tribe, and marked every inch of land they could find as theirs. All other creatures would be at their mercy.


The Fangkotah is an all male tribe. In order to breed, they must transform themselves into feral wolves and find others to breed with. The pups are born as feral pups and all are male. They remain under the care of their mother until they are teenagers. Driven by instinct, they make the journey to the home base of the Fangkotah and the chief performs a ritual to transform them into anthros. They then begin the long process of learning the ways of the tribe before they can harness their godly powers.


All members of the tribe have the ability to change their own size at will as well as the invincibility to weapons. Alpha males can additionally change the size of anyone or anything at will and teleport it to . It's not uncommon to find them shrinking entire cities and having a little personal fun with them in the forest.


New members must go through an initiation process which lasts several years before they are able to change their size. During this time, they are entirely dependent on the alpha males of the tribe for growth. They will often be taken under the paw of one alpha as they rampage across their territory. Alphas have been known to take advantage of their power over newbies and sometimes shrink them and use them as toys. Newbies are equipped with the invincibility powers though, so they can survive anything their dominant pack brothers throw at them without injury. The final process in the initiation is a full tribal rampage in a major city, which ends with all members breeding their new pack mate in a massive orgy. The chief then takes him deep into the woods and mates with him under a full moon, completing the right of passage.