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A Goon's Rampage

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A Goon's Rampage

After beign released from the Los Angeles Kings, Chris Penner uses his growth powers to turn into a giant and takes out his anger on the entire city in a violent and erotic rampage

Tags: Macro, Growth, Human-only, Violence, Destruction, Vore (oral), Vore (penis), Crushing, Watersports

The Air Canada regional jet touched down at Los Angeles International Airport without a hitch after a long flight from Vancouver. One of the passengers was Chris, a 19 year old Native American jock. The well known hockey player from the Vancouver Giants had a score to settle. The Los Angeles Kings had released him only a year after drafting him without any reason. They didn't even invite him to a training camp. He had seen too many of his fellow fighters on skates treated like dumb goons. They would be drafted, told they would get a fair shot at making the team, that they would be allowed to develop in the system. Then bang...they're cut for no obvious reason and never recover. He wasn't going to be the next causality of a system that dissed so many tough guys. It was time to send a big message to Kings management and the wider hockey world.

It was no secret in Canada that Chris could grow himself to massive heights. As a Sioux Indian, it was in his blood. The cities with major junior hockey teams had become accustomed to the adventures of this giant goon. His past rampages were limited to terrorizing and eating opposing players. The impact to these communities was nothing more than a few crushed cars or homes. Nobody had seen the widespread destruction an angry giant Native could cause.

Chris undid his seat belt before the plane slowed down enough to exit the runway. He closed his eyes and muttered his growth chant. His clothes were shredded away by his expanding muscles. His head charged through the overhead bin while his feet fell through the floor. The man sitting next to the growing jock was crushed and the other passengers panicked. Chris stood up as the growth continued, pressing his head up against the ceiling. His feet went right through the floor, landing on the tarmac and bringing the aircraft to a sudden halt. He soon grew right out of the airplane, soaring over everything around him. His expanding feet tore the aircraft apart into token bits of aluminum stained with the red dots of crushed inhabitants. The growth finally ceased at 1500 feet.

Chris had a twisted smirk on his face as he observed the little airport before him . The tarmac descended into total chaos, with planes now jockeying for position on the neighboring runway in a desperate attempt to fly away from this Sioux titan. A Southwest 737 made it to the runway first, clipping the nose of a Jet Blue A320. Despite having a damaged wing, the Southwest plane charged down the runway without clearance from air traffic control. Chris lifted his foot over the runway, waiting for the plane to pass underneath. At just the right time, he slammed his foot down on the plane, flattening it as it erupted into a fireball. He twisted his foot into the smoldering remains of the jet, relishing the warm foot massage.

Chris' stomach rumbled down on the helpless airport. He hadn't eaten anything all day since Air Canada was too cheap to serve meals on a nearly three hour flight. Luckily for him, he was in the right place to get a good meal. LAX was an all you can eat buffet of travelers at any time of the day. Chris licked his chops as he stomped towards the terminal, shaking the airport with each thundering step. Everyone in terminal 4 froze when the building began to rumble. It was packed and most were not able to see what was coming towards them. Those who were at the windows had a clear view of the colossal Native and screamed that there was a giant, but nobody believed them. Everyone else thought it was a earthquake and assumed anyone who saw a giant had a few too many drinks at the bar. The rest of the terminal erupted in laughter while those closest to the window ran for cover. Their laughter was silenced when the roof was ripped off and a giant Indian face gazed down on them.

Chris reached down into the crowded terminal and scooped up eight people in his hand. In one quick motion, he shoved the tiny travelers into his hungry mouth. His large teeth ripped through flesh and bone with ease. Everyone in the terminal panicked, running in all sorts of directions, not sure if they should evacuate the building or take cover under furniture. Their fate was sealed no matter what they did. As Chris gulped down the remains of his first handful of littles, he reached in for another. Handful after handful of screaming people were shoved into the dark and wet cave of Chris' mouth. It wasn't long before the titan jock had devoured hundreds of people, turning what was a bustling airport terminal into a near ghost town. Only a few screaming travelers hiding under furniture remained. Chris laughed at the poor job the chairs did at hiding them. Determined not to leave any leftovers behind, he plucked them out of their hiding spots one at a time and gave them the same treatment of their fellow travelers.

With his stomach filled to capacity, Chris stood up and and turned his attention towards the runways on the north end of the airport. He had big plans for the Southland and didn't want anyone to miss out. He stomped down with his full weight on each runway, leaving deep craters in the middle and rendering LAX inoperable. 

Chris stomped off towards downtown without following any roads. He went in a straight line crushing multiple homes, cars and buildings with each step. The towering goon didn't give much of a care about the chaos and destruction his feet were causing, nor did he care about the screaming people his feet missed. He did not even bother to look down at their terrified faces. The only thing on his mind at that moment was revenge on the team that dissed him.

News helicopters were following a high speed chase in Irvine when they were alerted to a giant stomping towards downtown. A Channel 4 News chopper arrived on the scene as Chris stomped in front of the convention center. Chuck Henry immediately recognized the muscular jock.

“Guys, that's Chris Penner, the Kings draft pick from last year who was recently let go” the reporter said as he flew around his face. “It looks like he's headed for the Staples Center. He's caused a fair bit of damage on his way here I can see, but he doesn't seem angry or evil. If you're downtown, the best advice is to stay off the roads and inside.”

The Kings were just hitting the ice inside Staples Center for their morning practice when the arena began shaking. The players and coaches on the ice thought nothing of it and carried on. It was nerve-racking for the handful of fans in the stands though. They had been through their share of earthquakes and knew there was no way it was a tremor. There was one final earth shattering boom which plunged the arena into darkness.

Chris stared down at the little arena between his muscular legs, his eyes burning in anger at the team that treated him like shit. It would have been easy enough for him to crush the arena and everyone inside in a matter of seconds, but he was determined to make it painful for them. He wanted them to suffer through the most vile ordeal before putting them out of their misery. He squatted down on the arena, crashing his flaccid cock through the roof.

“Here's what I think of you little shits for cutting me” Chris boomed.

His 12 foot wide piss slit opened up and unleashed a waterfall of hot rancid piss on the ice. The players and staff inside scrambled to escape the giant fire hose. Within seconds, the rink was turned into a rapidly rising yellow swimming pool. Players that went for the dressing room ran straight into their own drowning as the rooms were first to flood. Others tried to swim out of the rising pool, which was easier said than done with heavy equipment on, even for such well built athletes. The poor quality of the emergency lighting made it that much more difficult to find a way out. The goalies, who had the heaviest equipment on, drowned instantly. The remaining players sank to the bottom after running out of energy swimming in circles without spotting a clear way out. The trainers were the only ones to find their way to the boards and they ran up through the stands along with the fans. By the time they made it to the corridor, the building was half filled with with piss and still rising, ruling out any chance of a street level escape. Their only option was to go up and pray the tap on the giant goon's cock would shut off soon. The rising water level kept chasing the horrified people as they climbed higher up in the stands. The overwhelming stench of titan piss made it nearly impossible to breathe. They made it as far up as they possibly could, but Chris was nowhere near done emptying his bladder. One by one, they jumped into the rising piss pool and swam, hoping to find a way an escape route to the roof. However, most of them failed to make it in time. Three lucky fans made it to the narrow opening around Chris' cock and climbed out just before the arena filled to capacity, but their ordeal was far from over. Chris stood upright on his feet and aimed his massive fire hose at the surviving fans. The power of the stream swept the fans off their feet and over the edge of the roof.

With his giant piss coming to an end, Chris felt some satisfaction having flooded Staples Center and drowned an entire NHL team, but he was just getting started. For him, being cut from the franchise for no reason was no different than a pest going after one of his teammates and then refusing to fight him on the ice. It was committing a cheap shot and then ducking any accountability. It wasn't enough for the perpetrator to suffer alone. All of Los Angeles had to feel the wrath of this mighty goon. 

Chris turned his attention to the awestruck crowd in a parking lot across the street. He flashed an evil smirk down on the little insets, wiggling his already blood red toes. He lifted his foot high in the air, casting a ominous shadow over the crowd. A mad scramble for safety ensued below with hundreds of men and women running in terror. Chris erupted in laughter at their desperate yet useless attempts to escape before crashing his foot down on the fleeing crowd, wiping out over a hundred people. It was the start of a relentless stomping campaign. One earth shattering stomp was followed in quick succession by another, each reducing dozens of fleeing people to a red paste. He rubbed his growing cock as he felt the tiny bodies popping under his bare feet. The few survivors fled into a hotel just up the street. The horny titan stomped up to the puny structure, which barely rose above the height of his size 17 feet. He lifted his right foot back and swung it right through the building, smashing it to bits. Debris and people went flying into the air and showered down on other buildings.

“Fuck, that was nothing. You pathetic ants haven't seen anything yet.”

Chris began his march towards the skyscrapers of downtown, all of which were dwarfed by his towering frame. Smaller buildings in his path caved in like a stack of cards under his feet. The savage look on his face only added to the horror for the millions of office workers. He had this burning in his eyes that was like an Native ready for battle, only this battle was one sided. There was nothing to stop him from going on an all out rampage.

The first skyscraper Chris approached was only a third of his height. He kicked out lower floors, breaking the building free from its foundation and lifted the structure. The office workers shook in horror as they stared into the angry eyes of a brutal savage, the last thing they would ever see. With a deafening roar, Chris lifted the skyscraper above his head and slammed it into two other towers, leveling them. He stomped on the mangled pile of steel and concrete, making sure there were no survivors.

It was only the start of an all out rampage. Chris went from tower to tower, reducing each one to a cloudy pile of dust and twisted metal with their helpless inhabitants crushed underneath. His cock throbbed as he used it like a bulldozer, obliterating the top floors of some of the tallest buildings and finishing the job with his feet. Roars of ecstasy drowned out the cries of running people in the streets. An evacuation order had been issued for downtown, but Chris moved with such speed that escape was nearly impossible. Most who made it out of their building before it was demolished were either buried under piles of debris or crushed under the titan's bare feet. After five minutes, the once towering cityscape was nothing more than a twisted pile of steel with untold numbers of people crushed.

Chris rubbed his stiff shaft, smiling down on the destruction before stomping away from downtown. He took his time, spending several moments stomping around on one city block making sure every structure was flattened. He could just make out the cries of terror below, further enhancing the arousal. Off in the distance, he spotted a crowd running down into the Civic Center Metro Station.

“You little ruts think you're gonna be safe down there?” Chris laughed as he chased the fleeing crowd.

The Metro system was in overdrive trying to evacuate people from downtown. Every available train was in service, but they couldn't run often enough to keep downtown stations from filling to capacity. Chris stood over the Civic Center station with an evil smirk, his enormous cock leaking precum by the gallon on the tiny hole in the ground.

“You can only fuck so many buildings until you get bored” Chris boomed down. “This subway station looks like the perfect hole for my cock.”

Everyone inside the station panicked upon hearing this, crying for a train to show up and get them out of harms way. Station workers were mobbed by the desperate and angry crowd. Fights broke out amongst people trying to get down to the platform. The chaos was interrupted by a crash and the invasion of a 40 foot wide cock.

“Fuck tight” Chris grunted.

He laid flat on the ground and fucked the station, pushing more of his titan cock in with each thrust. His cock completely filled the lobby of the station, crushing everyone in its path. People further down on the platform were initially protected under the concrete roof. As the thrusts grew more violent however, the structure began to crack. People screamed as the station lighting failed. Bits of the roof showered down on the frightened commuters and gallons of precum leaked from the expanding holes. The roof caved in under the immense weight of the 230 foot long cock, burying hundreds of people.

A packed Red Line train charged towards the station, the operator unaware that the station was in ruins. The last command from the operations center was to move quickly with as many people as possible. What appeared to be a continuation of the tunnel was in fact the giant piss slit blocking the tunnel. The train collided full speed into Chris' cock and the first two cars were swallowed up by the massive piss slit. One car after another vanished into the moist black hole, each one crumpled like aluminum foil bringing a sudden end to the tiny life forms inside it. With the entire train consumed, Chris tried ramming his cock into the 12 foot tall subway tunnel. His cock cut through the earth like a tunnel boring machine, ripping the concrete tunnel apart and digging a much wider one. It didn't take long for the excavating to take its toll. With one final ground trembling thrust, the titan Indian shot his load into the tunnel. What was left of the train shot out like a missile, flying though the tunnel and crashing into a packed Union Station. The projectile of crushed steel was quickly followed by a white wall of cum, filling the underground station and rising into the lobby. The horrified crowd ran for the exits as the semen chased them down like an expanding blob, devouring everything in its path and consuming the hallow halls. The thick jizz broke through the windows and doors, stampeding through the parking lot, smothering cars and people. Those who managed to escape had to deal with the overwhelming odor emitting from the steaming mountain of sperm.

Chris started pissing in the subway as his cock deflated. Hundreds of gallons of yellow piss charged uptown, turning the underground network into a raging sewer. Trains were swept off their tracks, rolling and bouncing off the walls before drowning. The tsunami of piss hit one station after another with no mercy, sweeping away unsuspecting commuters. The entire system was inundated before the tap was shut off.

The titan goon rose to his feet, looking out at all the large and closely packed homes of the sprawling suburbs. He licked his lips knowing there was plenty more to destroy.

“Well my little toys, it was nice getting off in your filthy subway, but now it's time to raise the game.”

Chris closed his eyes and recited his growth chant. His muscles expanded and he soared into the sky in front of streets full of spectators. They watched in disbelief as he grew taller than any other structure known to man. When his growth stopped, he was a 10,000 foot tall warrior. The people were nothing more than little specks in his eyes. His feet alone stood taller than most homes and the news helicopters couldn't even reach his knees.

He marched along the I-10 freeway toward the coast, leaving footprints of destruction in his wake. Much like his journey from LAX, he didn't seem to care about what he was doing. He turned up the coast, stomping along Highway 1 to the unpopulated hills that surrounded greater LA. His casual stroll continued north up through the mountains, turning east just before Santa Clarita and walking through the Angeles National Forest. The entire metro area continued to rumble with each step Chris took, but people were reassured by the fact that he was staying away from populated areas. A massive search and rescue operation began in the rubble of what was downtown. Everyone outside the impacted areas breathed a sigh of relief and tried to resume a normal life. What they didn't know was they were being trapped. While Chris was walking on the mountains, he stomped on any road he came across leaving an impassable crater in middle of it. By the time his reasoning became obvious to the reporters following him, he had already reached Laguna Beach. It was too late for any evacuation. Every available road out of the metro area was destroyed.

The growth chant once again echoed down on the defenseless population. Millions of trapped residents panicked, knowing that the savage titan was on the rise again. The news helicopters were no higher than the toes of the mega jock by the time his growth stopped at 30,000 feet. 

This is what Chris had been waiting for, the chance to wipe out a packed metropolis. He wasted no time setting off on his total destruction spree, stomping down on all of the microscopic buildings. His mile long feet wiped out hundreds of homes with each step. Though he could not hear the screams of the frightened littles, the though of the horror he must have been creating made him hard as a rock. He rubbed his 4000 foot long cock as he stomped his way around Los Angeles and its suburbs, gradually wiping them from existence. Those in his path could only huddle up and wait for certain death while the ground shook violently. The lucky ones got to drown in a sea of heavy cum, while the rest were crushed into a red smear under bare feet.

The job was completed as the sun set into the Pacific Ocean. Chris let out a perverted laugh as he looked down on the total destruction of what was once a mega city. Los Angeles had been reduced to a desert, with splashes of blood and a few burning gas fires mixed in. There was nothing to salvage as everything had been ground to dust. Chris jumped in the ocean for a swim, knowing that no other NHL team would treat him like shit again.