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Homecoming Titan

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Homecoming Titan

This is a long overdue raffle commission from the Macro/Micro meet at Anthrocon. A direwolf frat stomps through a rival hoofer campus to stop a humiliating defeat of his predator football team. The name has been changed as the commissioner wanted to remain anonymous.

Tags: M/M, Macro, Destruction, Crushing, Rampage, Cock Vore, Vore

"You know what I want?" Shappa purred in his mate’s ear, wrapping a paw around his cock. "Is for you to grow and smash those fucking hoofers up."

The puma and his love, Takoda, sat in front of the TV in the living room of their frat house, full of their other brothers who had since lost interest in the game. Their college team, the Predators, were losing 49-0 to the arch rival Hoofers as the clock ticked down to halftime. The humiliating display of dominance by prey had the members of the Woof Beta Roar fraternity drowning their sorrows in a massive orgy. An erotic mix of moans and grunts drowned out the sounds of the game as the frat boys fed their appetite for lewd action.

Takoda grunted lustfully hanging on his mate’s every work, the direwolf running his claws through the lion’s hair. The two were confirmed macro junkies, their relationship kicking off once they discovered they shared the same malevolent fantasies. Date nights included them scouting out rampage targets and conversing on how they would use various buildings and crowds as playthings. Their room was frequently converted to a maze of cardboard buildings train model figures that would end up flattened under their paws in an acted out rampage before fucking each other on the remains. Sure they got flack from their brothers for being a canine and feline together, but they thought so alike it was like they were meant to be together.

It was only in the last few days that Takoda revealed his deepest secret to his love; his direwolf pack carried the power to grow themselves at will by howling. It wasn’t an easy process, the howl had to be just the right volume and pitch, and despite his pack mates showing him how, he had yet to try it himself. He faced relentless pressure from the puma to put his powers to use, but had managed to resist the temptation. Now, buzzed, horny, and a bit angry seeing his university football team being humiliated, the idea of rampaging was much harder to resist. It was all to easy for Shappa to sense the growing desire through that throbbing canine cock and he pressed further.

"Big, sexy direwolf stomping his way through Cervidae State, smashing those dorms and leaving his mark all over the campus."

The jock lion kept up the assault on Takoda’s mind, purring erotic things into his ear until any fear of consequences melted away into a primal urge to act out his darkest fantasies. There was enough built up hatred in the direwolf’s gut at his crosstown rival, and it was about more than football. Despite being a jock himself, his athletic prowess paled in comparison to the much bigger bucks and stallions, who rubbed it in to him and his brothers at every opportunity. Rising to his feet, Shappa grabbed the canine beast by the shirt collar and pulled him up and in close, murring as their throbbing cocks touched, each coating the other in sticky pre.

"Let’s go, sexy" Shappa purred, leading his mate by the cock to the backyard. The direwolf jock stumbled behind, his cock pulsating to the increasing beat of his heart as his mind spun through a range of rampage scenarios. He murred gently as the soft lion digits massaged his throbbing cockhead before his entire body was swung around and his back pushed against the fence. Shappa forced his full jock weight against Takoda, pressing his lips against the wolf’s and grinding against him slowly, the two college studs moaning into each others maws as they shared a tender moment before the impending chaos. The lion purred as their lips parted, giving the rock hard canine cock a playful squeeze.

"Do it, big boy" were Shappa’s final words before he turned back to the house, taking a seat in one on the long chairs and idly rubbing his own hard member, awaiting his mate’s growth.

Takoda closed his eyes and took a deep breath. The last thing he wanted was for the howl to fail and to embarrass himself in front of his mate. After a brief moment of meditation, he decided to go for it, lifting his muzzle to the bright blue sky, he inhaled sharply and let out a long howl. Initially nothing happened apart from the peace of a suburban neighborhood being disturbed by the call of the wild. As he kept up the howl though, a euphoric tingle spread throughout his body as his muscles charged up for growth. His pecs and abs bulged up, stretching his already tight shirt to it’s very limit, with the arm and leg muscles quickly following suit. The already large canine shaft of his shot forward, surging into a crimson veiny pole larger than his forearm. He soon took on the form of a hyper bodybuilder, his limbs so massive that moving them was near impossible. Just at the point he had become so bulky to the point of bursting, he rose rapidly, soaring above the 3 story homes in the area and the centuries old trees in a matter of seconds. The direwolf struggled to stay on his feet as the dizzying surge in height pressed on, his body returning to the jock like proportions. Every article of clothing had been shredded away, leaving his athletic form fully exposed for all to see and admire. His paws bulldozed the fence with ease, his heels tearing through the opposite back yard, his toes wiggling with a euphoric delight as his heels mowed down the trees like weak twigs. He managed to reach a staggering height of 400 feet before a lack of breath forced him to cut his howl short.

The towering direwolf took in his surroundings, gazing at the homes which barely rivaled his feetpaws in stature. Off in the distance, he spotted the village with it’s tightly backed old brick buildings, full of popular hangout spots, and just beyond that laid the towering buildings of Cervidae State. He looked down at his mate, who had daringly approached his left footpaw. Shappa gazed up at his towering lover, flashing a sinful grin as he rubbed his feline paws all over one of the enormous digits.

"Big sexy wuff" Shappa purred, dropping to his knees and licking the soft pad.

Takoda moaned with delight as the tiny feline tongue lapped away at his sensitive paw pads lovingly, wiggling his toes as his spine shivered from the waves of pleasure rising from his footpaw. His cock pulsed and throbbed with unbridled excitement, the gaping slit drooling a downpour of slick pre, which rained down on the roof of the frat house with an audible thud. The cool autumn breeze spread the scent of his pre for miles around, blanketing the entire town in a hormone laced odor that reeked of a horny wolf. Shappa flashed a toothy grin up at his lover, giving him a playful slap on his big toe. Well aware of what his lover wanted, Takoda grunted and gave a slight nod, turning and sniffing the air, letting his nose guide him towards his prey.

His first steps were far from the careful tip toeing his kind would normally take on a hunt, but rather quake inducing stomps. There was no need to be stealthy for this hunt, that would be impossible at his height anyway. He wanted to take it slow, relish the terrified looks on their faces, smell their fear and despair, all before going for the kill. The mere thought of it all had him licking his lips in anticipation.

It took a few strides through several backyards before Takoda reached the end of the block and had a road and homes in his path. Up and down the road, a smattering of furs had emptied onto the streets from the ground shaking stomps and were now staring up in awe at the big horny wolf. Directly under the titan’s shadow was a slim fox, gazing up at the towering mass of muscle and fuzz. He panted heavily and rubbed a large tent in his pants, clearly turned on by the megawolf strutting his stuff. Takoda paid little attention to the fox or any of his other admirers as he lifted his paw over the street below, bringing it down on a parked car, wiggling his toes with delight as the cool aluminum roof made contact with his soft pads. He shifted his foot back and forth, gradually applying more of his weight to the vehicle, which groaned in protest. An overwhelming sensation of power washed over every muscle at the weak resistance put up by the toy car against his heavy soles. The windows shattered with little effort and the eerie sounds of crumpling steel echoed through the neighborhood. He let his tongue hang loose as he casually finished off the little aluminum toy, reducing it to a metal pancake. A moan of devious satisfaction escaped his throat as he turned his attention down to the fox below, his gaze piercing through the little guy’s soul. The fox froze in awe and fear, knowing full well he was in danger under the shadow of such an unpredictable beast, but unable to pull himself away.

For Takoda, after having crushed a car, the natural next step was to wipe out a squirming living being, and under him very conveniently was a little fox, too mesmerized by his size and musk to run. It may not have been his intended prey, but as his blood thirsty urges needed attention, a vulpine smear would do for his pads. He squinted his eyes, curling his lips back in a devilish smirk and drumming his toes. The fox took a step back, his eyes and mouth wide with alarm. As soon as he stared looking for an escape route, the predatory left wolf paw lifted itself over him. Everything happened so quick, the tiny vulpine barely got a horrified scream out before he found himself trapped under the soles of the towering black beast.

Takoda applied just enough pressure to pin his catch down, savoring the thrashing limbs banging against his sensitive pads. The futile efforts of his prey to escape only added to fuel to the raging fire inside him, the ravenous urge to feel something explode under his paws. A low growl rumbled from his throat as he applied more of his weight. The flailing reached a feverish pace as fox felt the life being crushed right out of him. A loud yet muffled cry of agony accompanied the collapse of the fox’s rib cage, his hips and limbs shattering in quick succession under the growing pressure. With a perverted chuckle, the direwolf finished off his little pumpkin spiced prey, his paw becoming flush with the road as the fox exploded into a gorey mess, the crimson remains coating his pads and jetting out from his toes. The murderous scene drew a frightened gasp from the handful of onlookers, shocked that a predator would do this to one of his fellow kind and take such immense pleasure in doing it.

This was only a beginning point for Takoda. Now that he had a taste for the unstoppable power he possessed, he was ready to go after his favorite prey. He stomped on, cutting a path straight across the neighborhood, following nothing more than the unmistakable scent of stag. Random homes, cars, vegetation, and the occasional fleeing fur ended up becoming victims of his destructive stroll, mangled and flattened under his size 17 soles. He paid little attention to what his feetpaws decided to victimize at each devastating step, these little things weren’t worth his full attention. Besides, his squishy pads told him all he needed to know, sending waves of euphoria up his spine and drawing a gratifying murr from his muzzle. The horny lupine god only looked down briefly to tend to his wolf meat, which pulsed and throbbed with untamed excitement. He gently rolled his paw over the pointy pink length, feeling every vein as it rushed blood to the mighty phallus. Hard as a light pole, his fleshy organ seemed even bigger than normal, with a length to rival that of a stallion.

"Don’t you worry, big guy" he muttered softly, petting his raging hard on as if to comfort it. "You’re gonna get some action soon."

The village bordering Cervidae state was one of narrow streets, old brick buildings no more than four stories high, and bustling with activity. Those taking in the game, out for a Saturday walk, or patronizing the many small shops had all descended on the snug hamlet. They could all smell wolf, but it being daytime in the middle of a busy place, there was no fear of becoming food. The serenity of a Saturday afternoon came to a screeching halt once the ground started shaking in rhythmic thooms. Everyone outside and in the shops froze dead in their tracks, looking and sniffing around for anything abnormal. The tremors slowly grew in intensity, prompting nervous whimpers from the confused furs, some of whom were knocked off their feet. Traffic came to a standstill as vehicles were abandoned in mass by jittery hoofers. A few furs gasped in horror, looking up at the pair of ears rising over the century old buildings, quickly followed by a devious smiling wolf face and his athletic furry bod.

Takoda chuckled down at the town below as the tight streets came into view, full of prey that could do nothing but look up in shock at the towering mass of fuzz. Stopping just short of the brick buildings that couldn’t even reach his knees, he took a deep breath of the cool fall air. His senses were even more heightened on this hunt, the wet nose picking up the collective fear of hundreds of little morsels.

"What a nice day for a little stroll" Takoda chuckled darkly as he lifted his footpaw over the buildings and loomed it over the packed street below. A chorus of screams erupted from the crowds as hundreds of micros ran in every direction in a feeble attempt to escape the ascending paw. The megawolf simply responded with a booming laugh as his pads came down on roughly a dozen of them. He took the time to savor the flailing limbs under his pads while gradually snuffing his victims out, emitting a deep rumble as their bodies exploded one by one. The resulting gorey mess shot from beneath his paws like lava from an angry volcano, coating windows, vehicles, and furs alike with a sticky crimson mash. High pitched screams of horror filled the streets below as hundreds witnessed the carnage at the hands of this thick furred beast. Takoda responded by lifting his other foot over the street and slamming it down with his full muscled weight, reducing another dozen hoofers to nothing more than one big crimson stain under his pads.

"Oh I’m just getting started, my little prey" the wolf growled devilishly as he began his stroll down the street. The chaos below reached a feverish pace as furs pushed each other out of the way in a desperate search for safety. The streets weren’t much wider than the width of his paws, leaving few places to avoid his callous stomps. For those who could access the buildings below or make it a side street in time, there was relative safety, but his strides were so quick that few could make such an escape. He could cover a block in a matter of seconds with frighteningly little effort. It was nothing more than a casual stroll for him, taking in each stomp as tens of hoofers exploded under his soles while gently rubbing his pulsating shaft. The throbbing organ rained down a heavy downpour of pre as his whole body tingled with pleasure and excitement. With so much prey that couldn’t run from him, the direwolf had the luxury of indulging all his needs rather than just filling his stomach. The delectable paw massage at the expense of hundreds of his little prey was only the first step in satisfying his malevolent urges as his nose picked up an even juicer target.

The Equine Room was the most popular bar in town. Game days always meant a packed crowd and this day was no different. The strongest stags, equines and bulls had gathered in mass to get drunk and watch the game, and drunk they were. Everyone was so busy chugging kegs of cheap beer and reveling in the insurmountable lead their home campus boys held, nobody blinked at the chaos outside or the rumbling ground under their hooves. Everything changed when the lights suddenly went out. With flat screen TVs no longer blaring the football broadcast and the bar plunged into relative darkness, patrons turned their attention to the only source of light. The chaotic scenes outside snapped them out of their carefree state in an instant, their eyes wide with alarm and confusion. Before any of them could contemplate what was going on, the street in front of them was covered by two dark paws.

"WOLF" one bull cried out, sending the whole restaurant into a frenzied rush for the back door.

Just as a beefy stag reached the emergency exit, a thunderous crash outside the exit door rocked the building. He pushed on, but was only able to open it a few inches before hitting what felt like a brick wall. Desperation had him pushing with all his might, but not even this bodybuilder could overcome this obstruction that turned out to be a mangled semi. As the stag continued his feeble fight with the jammed door, a loud groaning sound boomed down from the roof, bits of ceiling raining down on the desperate patrons. A set of black claws forced their way through the roof, accompanied by an audible chuckle that sent a shiver of horror down the spine of every trapped creature. Even the drunkest of cevines could work out what was about to happen.

"HIDE" someone in the crowd shouted. Almost immediately, there was a mad stampede back into the main part of the bar as everyone sought a hiding place, some of which were better than others. Tables and the counter behind the bar were prime real estate, while the less fortunate had to make do with chairs, their limbs sticking out and clearly visible to any eye. Those out of luck ended up fully exposed and could do nothing other that look up in horror as the roof was peeled away, revealing the grinning predator.

Takoda lorded over the now roofless bar with mischievous glee, licking his chops slowly and rubbing his bulging red shaft, the drooling slit raining musky pre down on the trapped hoofers. The whole bar soon reeked of overactive wolf hormones, turning on some of the bigger males to point where they couldn’t resist rubbing themselves in spite of such danger. Faint cries rose from the confines of the compromised restaurant as the helpless fate slowly sank in for those inside. The looming direwolf turned his ears forward as he gazed down into the hallow structure, drumming his toes and flashing a toothy grin, his mind spinning with all the ways he could put the puny furs to good use. His full attention turned to a beefy horse in tight fitting clothes, one that was left without a hiding spot, and had a noticeable tent in his pants. The horse stared up at his predator in untamed horror, but was clearly turned on by the erotic scent of wolf pre.

"Like what you see here, my little horsey?" Takoda asked slyly, caressing his throbbing meat with both paws.

The stallion could only gulp in response as his own cock grew harder, stretching his jeans to their limit, even while his brain screamed at him to seek cover. In the end though, his rock hard shaft won the argument, the strong odor was too much for him to resist. Panting like a puppy in heat, he unzipped his pants, pulling out his foot long horse cock and rubbing it, never taking his eyes off the looming beast.

Takoda let loose a devious chuckle, reaching into the bar with one paw. The horse snapped out his mesmerized state at the descending paw, but could only take one step back before he was quickly snatched up. All daylight vanished as those musky digits closed around him in a tight embrace. In a matter of seconds he was lifted high in the air and the wolf fingers parted, leaving the horny stallion laying in the direwolf’s palm just underneath his throbbing cock. Large drops of pre oozed out of the slit and slammed into the horse with a thud, coating him in the slick sexual fluid. The potent scent from the looming phallus and it’s drooling slit was enough to supercharge the equine’s libido, his own cock throbbing with vigor.

With a deafening growl, Takoda mashed his paw against the soft underside of his cock, forcing the tiny horse against his pulsating red organ. Instinctively knowing what his captor wanted, the horse began worshiping the enormous wolf cock, rubbing and licking the mighty length. The direwolf churred and grunted erotically, every rub and lick sending tingles of unbridled pleasure up and down his pulsating length. A river of pre flowed from his slit, providing a steady stream of salty cock fluid for the horse to enjoy. And enjoy he did, humping with passion against the mighty wolf cock as he sought to satisfy the needs of his own throbbing horsemeat.

"Fuck yeah, good little horse" Takoda grunted deeply. "Worship my godly wolf cock."

He wrapped his paw around the bulging phallus, sliding it up and down the hard length, taking his little stallion toy on a lust filled ride. Each slick stroke took the horse on a dizzying rise and fall along the mountain of soft red flesh. After a few long strokes, Takoda abruptly stopped, holding his plaything at the tip of his shaft, and began pushing him inside the leaking piss slit feet first. By the time the stallion snapped out of his blissful daze, he was already knee deep inside the direwolf shaft. The horse cried out and flailed as he sank deeper into the moist abyss.

"Awwww you enjoyed worshiping my wolf meat so much from the outside, I thought you’d want to try it from the inside" Takoda quipped.

He held his cock up and stroked it gently, letting his urethra and gravity do the work of consuming his prey. The horses frantic neighs could be heard across the little village as his body was swallowed whole, but the fell deaf on the ears of the horny lupine.

"Grrrruffffff…feed my cock, horsey."

The horse kicked his constricted legs as much as he could in the moist confines of the hungry shaft, but it did nothing to phase the titan predator as the moans of pleasure drowned out his own feverish cries. With only his arms and face remaining, he beat the soft flesh with everything he could muster in a feeble attempt to escape. This only drew a sadistic chuckle from Takoda as he playfully waved bye bye to the sinking stallion. This would be the last thing the ill fated creature would see as his head and arms vanished into the humid sinkhole.

Inside, the kicking and thrashing continued as the stallion kept up his losing battle to the last breath. All this did was further enhance the direwolf’s blissful pleasure. His prey, choked of any air in the wet cave of his urethra, soon became lifeless, the limp body tumbling down to his plump ballsack where it was churned into wolf cum.

Takoda rubbed his orbs as they expanded to accommodate the beefy meal, his lustful gaze once again turning to the imprisoned toys in the bar. He reached into the roofless building, carefully grabbing the tables and chair with his claws and tossing them in random directions with no effort. Cries of despair filled the bar as the hiding places of dozens were deemed useless, forced to look up at the toothy grin of a godly predator and his bulging shaft.

"That’s better" Takoda muttered darkly "I’m putting on a little show and you’re all part of it."

The direwolf flexed his arms, his chiseled muscles bugling out in a display of total dominance, licking his lips as his hard shaft bobbed up and down. The frats inside gazed up at this homo erotic display, partially in awe but mostly in horror, knowing full well this titan predator had no reason to keep them alive. These once cocky and dominant hoofer boys had been reduced to a quivering mess, huddling in small groups seeking any sense of comfort in their collective fear as they awaited their end.

Takoda lowered his cock into the open bar, gradually pressing the veiny organ on his jittery prey. He pushed the throbbing tip into one corner with a large mass of muscled caribou, rubbing the tip over them gently and dousing them in wolf pre. A few of them mustered up enough bravery to break from the cuddle pile, volunteering themselves to attempt to save the other patrons. Nervous as they were, there was no doubt the only chance to tame this monster was to serve him. Four of them took up positions on either side of the pulsating shaft and rubbed their shaking hands all over it, giving it as much of a massage as they could muster.

The direwolf laughed at their attempts to appease him, but he held his cock still anyway. He wasn’t one to say no to a bit of worship, especially after all the abuse he had endured from them at normal size. Plus he was determined to pace himself and enjoy his revenge of shame and humiliation.

"You little shits like that, don’t ya? Worshiping my godly wolf cock" Takoda moaned. "Get your fucking tongues on it. Show your god how much you want it."

In nearly perfect sync, they all pressed their mouths on the musky flesh, slurping and french kissing the throbbing wolf shaft. The occasional cough and gag echoed in the bar as the hoofers tried to cope with the unsavory taste of cock sweat, yet they pressed on with groans of protest, putting all their might into placating this horny beast.

It wasn’t long though before the behemoth wolf became bored with his toys and felt the urge to finish them off. He swung his cock from side to side, knocking his prey off their hooves and taking the wind out of them. They could only weep as they were dragged by giant lupine claws under the shadow of that throbbing red cock, which was quickly lowered on to their athletic bodies with great pressure. The hoofers kicked and cried for mercy, but their screams were muffled under the squishy red flesh and their thrashing only surged the devilish lust of the horny wolf.

"Ahhhh fuck yeah. That’s where you antlered bugs belong, under my towering meat."

Takoda applied more and more pressure on his struggling prey as the rest of the bar patrons looked on in gut wrenching horror. Limbs flailed with increased desperation as the wolf cock became more flush with the ground. The sounds of cracking bones and muffled screeching rang in onlooker’s ears followed by a deafening silence as the flailing limbs fell to the ground one by one and blood seeped out from underneath.

With a dark chuckle, the titan wolf lifted his cock from the bar floor, proudly displaying his crimson stained member to the quivering patrons below. The euphoric satisfaction of snuffing out a dozen hoofers under his throbbing phallus left him with a carnivorous craving for more. He slammed his shaft down on the ground with an enormous thud, crushing another ten huddled up frats into a red paste, gore splattering everywhere drawing a symphony of screams from those left to witness the bloody horror. Keeping the tip of his cock firmly attached to the floor, he dragged it from side to side, catching dozens of drunken customers under his hard shaft and smearing them into a dark red mess that painted the ground with their mashed up remains. No part of the establishment was left untouched by his wolf cock as he dragged it along every square foot of space until the desperate hoofer cries fell silent, the once lively saloon reduced to nothing more than a bloody canvas.

Takoda took a moment to admire the results of his callous massacre. The remarkable ease with which he could wipe out so many felt his brain clouded in the limitless power he possessed. He rose to his feet, his cock seeming to grow and stand at attention that little bit more as his appetite for blood and destruction surged. His malevolent gaze turned to the streets below, which were full of the town’s inquisitive inhabitants who had poured out of the buildings to witness the carnage. The direwolf’s lips parted and curled into a sadistic smile as his stomach let out an ominous growl.

"Oh how nice of my favorite food to show up at meal time" Takoda muttered.

Those words sparked a chaotic run for safety amongst the crowd, running in every direction with several collisions as those greedy wolf digits descended on them. There was no escaping such a hungry predator though as the colossal wolf snatched up two pawfuls of hoofers. Several moose, bulls, and caribou were all caught in the grasp of sweaty handpaws, forced to breathe in the foul musk as they were effortlessly lifted into the air. The two fists opened up for a brief moment allowing the tiny prey to get a close up look at their captor. Most of them broke down in tears staring up at that wide opened and drooling maw as it poured saliva on them like a tropical rainstorm. Takoda brought the paws up to his muzzle in turn, tilting his head back and letting his catch tumble into his maw, the final screams of the doomed micros ringing across the village. The half dozen squirming snacks were given only seconds to contemplate their life choices as they were tossed around in the moist cave before the tongue pushed them up to those sharp wolf fangs where their puny bodies were sliced and mashed. A hum escaped Takoda’s lips as his taste buds were coated in the delicious gorey mess, some of it coating his muzzle as he chewed sloppily. He swallowed the meaty remains of his catch with a triumphant gulp and spit out the antlers and horns, littering the streets with the only remains of their worthless lives.

By this time, the streets around him turned into a ghost town, the spectators at the megawolf’s feet retreating to their hiding places after seeing his clear intentions. This didn’t bother Takoda in the least though. The townsfolk were, after all, not his main target. It was hardly worth filling up on the weak when he had an entire student body to put in their place. With the sprawling campus in sight, he set off once again, making his own path through the tightly packed homes and businesses. His blissful grunts rolled from his lips and rang in the sensitive ears of every living being for miles around, an ominous message that the direwolf’s reign of terror had just begun.

News of the giant wolf’s rampage had long since spread across Cervidae State. The game and general life on campus was more of less going on as normal, but the reveling student population took on a more subdued stance as they checked their phones, quietly praying the predatory monster would stay away. Any hope of their campus being spared when the power went out and the rhythmic thooms grew louder and stronger. There were no further updates as all their devices had stopped working, but what their phones couldn’t tell them, their senses did. The cool autumn wind spread the scent of a hunting predator across the sprawling campus, a scent picked up by the thousands of student hoofers, sparking mass panic. With all communication systems down, it was every creature for themselves. Some took cover in the dorms and lecture halls, others tried to evacuate the campus, while the rest thought the safest place was the already packed stadium. No matter where they went, nobody could escape the devilish gaze of the titan wolf as it pierced through every soul in his path. A mischievous laugh echoed through the grounds as a dark shadow cast itself over the buildings closest to main gate.

Takoda’s massive feetpaws made quick work of the guard post, the little hut quickly succumbing to the merciless pads. Just beyond the gate, the road was full of students making a futile attempt to outrun the direwolf’s ascension, but now found themselves frozen in their tracks and facing the predator head on. The towering wolf took one look at the pack of hopeless bugs, one full of utter anger and discontent for their mere existence. These arrogant hoofers who had rubbed in their size and prowess over him and other predators now found themselves bug sized under his mighty shadow. He gave his throbbing cock a devious rub and licked his chops as he raised a footpaw.

"Die, fuckers."

Those were the last words many of the hoofers heard before their world went dark, trapped under the musky footpaw of the murderous lupine. They were only given a split second to cry out their muffled screams before their bodies exploded, turning into another gorey stain under the wolf’s heavy pads. Takoda didn’t break his stride as he continued his murderous stroll, casually walking on the campus roads as his enormous paws caught students and vehicles alike, crushing them with frightening ease. He didn’t even bother looking down at his screaming victims and the mass carnage below. His sensitive pawpads told him all he needed to know, and what they were telling him was nothing short of glorious. The crumpling steel and exploding bodies under each footfall sent bolts of euphoria up his spine, causing his cock to throb and leak with renewed need.

Takoda rubbed his aching member deviously as he stomped up to one of the few tall buildings on campus, a thirty story dorm tower where many of the fleeing micros were now hiding in desperation. As big as it was, it paled in comparison to the hulking direwolf, the top floors only just managing to inch above the drooling phallus, which stared down their occupants like a lethal weapon.

"Ha. You little shits think you’re safe in there? Watch me."

The direwolf grasped both sides of the building in his paws and lunged his hips forward, plowing his cock, hips and abs into the brick structure, shattering the outside walls. Dozens of dorm rooms were wiped away instantly, sending anything inside them tumbling to the ground. With a ground shattering roar, Takoda went on an all out assault on the building, pulling out and slamming back in with all his weight. The hoofers inside had no time to react. Any still in their dorms were either hurled out the other side of the building by that bulldozer shaft or sent falling to their deaths as the floor gave out from underneath them. For those on the ground floor, all their escape routes had been buried under falling debris, leaving them to hold each other in their drowned out cries until the ceiling caved in. It only took a few thrusts for the skyscraper to succumb to the power of the titan jock’s lust and cave in on itself, falling with a roar into a twisted pile of steel and concrete. The malevolent predator showed no remorse for his callous act, instead laughing arrogantly at how easily the building crumbled.

"You cocky bastards don’t even know to build for a macro. Ah well, just means more of you get to meet your rightful fate."

Takoda set off on his destructive romp across the campus, stomping and smashing anything that stood in his way. Every building on campus was emptied of it’s occupants as thousands of students and staff tried to escape the raging direwolf. Few would find success though as the wolf moved with athletic speed, putting even the most well built bucks to shame as they became just another gorey smear under those blood thirsty pads. Many in a last ditch attempt to save themselves got on their knees and cried for mercy, but their pleas fell on deaf wolf ears. In fact the pitiful begging only spiked his thirst for blood.

"You arrogant fucks think I’m going to spare you? After all you put me and my brothers through? This is what you fucking deserve!" His voice was growly and full of deep seeded rage as he stomps the hoards of hoofers, sending chunks of gore flying everywhere. He tore through every corner of the campus, crushing every moving creature he could get his blood soaked feetpaws on and kicking each building into oblivion. By the time he was done, every structure except one laid in ruins.

The football game had long since been haulted with the visiting team fleeing out ahead of the wolf’s rampage. Every available crevice on the field and the stands packed with not only spectators, but survivors fleeing the angry wolf. Tens of thousands of terrified hoofers huddled and prayed that they would be spared. They almost had reason to be optimistic as the direwolf passed the stadium time and time again on his rage filled mission to level the rival campus. Their hopes were short lived however as the entire field was overtaken by the ominous shadow, the titan wolf slowly rising over the the press box and gazing down at his ultimate target. Takoda turned his ears forward, letting them take in the cries of players and spectators alike as they realized there would be no mercy for them. The high piles of debris around the stadium and the overcrowded conditions inside would assure none of them would escape.

"Your judgment day has arrived" Takoda murred in a dark tone. "All the teasing and bullying you put us preds through is coming back to bite you."

The crowd barely had time to react to his first words before a giant handpaw descended onto the field, the greedy wolf digits wiggling as the approached the sidelines. A chorus of screams erupted from the stands and horrified onlookers watched as a half dozen of their own players were snatched up by the looming predator. The players thrashed and cried in the grasp of their captor, knowing full well the end result wouldn’t be good for them, one of them trying to ram those soft pads with his horns, which was nothing more than a ticklish massage to dark wolf. Light returned for the players, but they came face to face with the enormous muzzle which opened up to deliver the final message the doomed players would hear.


Takoda opened his maw wide, proudly showing off his pearly white molars and tilted his paw. A chorus of screams rose from his paw as the little player had their hooves knocked out from underneath them and went tumbling down into the dark chamber where they would beet their end. The direwoulf quickly closed his lips, gathering his still wiggling catch and pushing them to his fangs, keeping them apart just enough for the players to pass through. As they continued to fight to the last breath, some were able to push various limbs through. A horse even managed to poke his head out and cry for help. This was no big deal for the hulking wolf. In fact, it was by design. He looked down on the crowd, letting them all get a good look at the flailing limbs sticking out of his lips before bringing his razor sharp fangs down on his meal. A muffled crunch echoed through the stadium, drawing an audible gasp from the crowd as all the body parts suddenly went limp, and blood began seeping out from between the titan’s lips. Takoda slurped up his meal, swallowing the now lifeless remains of the former athletes with an audible gulp and licking his chops, smearing the gorey stains all over his muzzle fur.

"Mmmm…tasty little bugs. You all should feel honored to feed a real jock" Takoda grunted, flexing his arms for the ill fated crowd below. While most were indeed horrified at the sight of such a huge predator looming over them, there were some that couldn’t help but be turned on at the homoerotic display. Many of the players were overwhelmed by the musky scent coming from that pulsating wolf shaft, sporting huge tents in their tight fitting pants. One in particular had decided he didn’t give a fuck and whipped out his cock right there on the field, pumping it for all it was worth. It was a Texas bull, their star quarterback and probably the straightest guy on the team, at least that was the image he loved to project. Big and full of bulgy muscle, he was a real ladies man, but he wasn’t above harassing the opposition. He loved humiliating male predators in the lewdest ways possible, even slipping date rape drugs into their drinks and taking pictures of his long cock laying on their passed out faces. One of his many victims just happened to be this towering wolf whose vengeful gaze was now pointed squarely at him.

"Oh look what we have here" Takoda cooed. "Seems your so called straight quarterback is enjoying this."

His paw descended once again for the Cervidae State sidelines, drawing high pitched screams from the players as they ran and ducked for cover. Their star quarterback on the other hand was on such a high of sexual wolf musk that his legs simply didn’t work. He continued to fap in a blissful state until his body was snatched up by those greedy wolf digits. The bull was quickly lifted to the direwolf’s muzzle, which he stated at like a deer in headlights, his mouth slightly open and visibly shaking in fear.

"So you like what you see?" Takoda asked the bull, deviously rubbing his hard wolf cock.

The bull was left speechless in the grasp of such a powerful lupine, reduced to frightened mutters. In no mood to wait for the cocky athlete to regain his ability to speak, Takoda mashed him against the top of his throbbing cock with a stern command.

"Worship it, fucker."

Fully aware of the consequences of refusing, the bull wasted no time, licking and rubbing the mountain of a wolf cock like it was his long lost love. He squeezed and caressed the musky soft flesh, his own cock drooling copious amounts of pre as he humped into the towering shaft with all his strength. All of this drew deep murrs of pleasure from the direwolf and a steady stream of warm pre that rained down on the spectators below. Other players who had managed to overcome their horror of the looming predator followed their quarterback’s lead and freed their rock hard cocks from their spandex pants. Trapped in a lustful spell, they fapped like there was no tomorrow, breathing in the sexually charged air that had enveloped the stadium. The fans could only gasp in disbelief as the football gods they looked up to lost all self control and engaged in such a lewd act in a public setting. Takoda simply flashed a smug grin down at the gob smacked crowd.

"What? You thought your team was tough? Look at them. Nothing more than a bunch of little fuzzy sluts, made to worship predator gods like me. Your worthless lives exist for nothing other than to feed and serve us."

Takoda snatched up the bull in his right paw, mashing the quarterback against the underside of his throbbing phallus and slowly jerked off. The hunky athlete thrashed and kicked as he was dragged up and down the colossal wolf cock with no control over where he went. The direwolf kept his lustful gaze firmly on the crowd below, deciding the bully jock was in no way deserving of any sort of attention. He was nothing more than a hoofed toy to fuel the lustful desires of the titan wolf.

Lost in euphoric bliss, Takoda slowly tightened the grasp on his cock and the bull, drawing desperate kicks from the bull as it tried to protest the ever tightening squeeze on his athletic body. The bull’s frantic moos were muffled into the soft cock flesh, sending vibrations through its length and merely enhancing the perverted pleasure of the devilish wolf. The direwolf grunted lustfully, his fapping reaching as he put the final squeeze on his catch. He flashed a malevolent grin as the bull jock exploded into a crimson mess, the bloody remains slowly oozing out between his digits and prompting a chorus of shrieks from the crowd. Takoda let his cock go, proudly displaying the dark red stains on his cock and right paw.

"This is what happens to arrogant pricks" Takoda grunted darkly, licking the cattle gore from his paw.

"Heh, you know, I don’t think my prey is small enough. Maybe it’s time for the mighty predator to get bigger."

The crowd barely had time to process Takoda’s words before he pointed his nose to the sky and let out a earth shattering howl. This time, his growth was instant, the spine tingling sensation consuming him as he rose through the sky at hundreds of feet a second. The dizzying pace made it hard for the titan to stay on his feet, but he wasn’t stopping. He wanted all the hoofers who had taunted him so much to be nothing more than specks, only stopping when his head was up with the scattered puffy clouds. At a mile tall, he looked down with a satisfied smirk. The stadium now fit nicely between his mighty paws and even cowered under them. It would have been nothing for him to wipe it out with one pad tingling stomp, but he wasn’t going to let off the thousands of bully hoofers that easily. He wanted them to suffer under the shadow of his ship sized phallus, one that would bury them in a sea of cum.

"Yessss, that’s better" the megawolf muttered, grabbing his thick shaft and slowly stroking it. "So small and insignificant…as all hoofers should be, waiting to be drowned under my big fucking load."

Large drops of pre oozed from the tip and slammed onto the field with almost meteoric force, crushing anyone without the protection of football gear. Even the players themselves were injured by slick pre bombs, left unable to move any limbs. All of this as thousands of fans were left to cower in terror waiting for the end, their senses overwhelmed by the musky scent and wet sloppy sound of a titan in heat ready to unleash a creamy white torrent on them.

After all of the fapping and destroying, Takoda was right on the edge, his cock twitching in desperation to release the seed that had been churning in his plump ballsack for so long. The giant wolf was enjoying tormenting his prey too much to let it all end so soon though. He edged himself, fapping with vigor for a bit and stopping just as he felt the pressure spike with a lewd grunt. This went on for several cycles, until finally, he decided it was time to claim his prize.

His lustful grunts deepened as his fapping reached a feverish pace, causing the entire stadium to shake to the core. The massive wolf tongue hung low from his mouth, his sharp toe claws digging deep into the earth. There was no turning back now, or at least that’s what he thought, until he felt a pair of paws attach themselves to his hips.

"What the…" he muttered breathlessly, letting go of his cock and practically jumping out of his fur, his cock going limp like a balloon letting out air. Before he could turn around and see what was behind him, he felt a wet nose enter his ear and the unmistakable sound of his lover’s purr.

"Hey there, sexy wolf" Shappa whispered into his mate’s ear.

Takoda could only whimper in confusion, his mind racing to figure out how his puma boyfriend could grow this big. There wasn’t time for him to regain his composure as those feline paws quickly found their way to his meaty cock.

"Having fun, I see" Shappa purred, gently cupping the plane sized cock and stroking it. Takoda moaned in response, his perplexed state slowly melting away into a lustful bliss. The magic touch of his mate gradually bringing his cock back to life.

"Mmmmm…good boy. Want my sexy stud to finish those hooved pests off."

Shappa kissed down the strong chiseled back of his direwolf boyfriend until he reached that fuzzy rump, spreading those ass cheeks wide and burying his muzzle into the musky crevice. The titan wolf practically howled in euphoric bliss as he felt the long puma tongue lick up and down his sweaty crack, giving extra attention to his hole, poking and prodding at it. Takoda grabbed his cock and pumped it with all the might he could muster, his cock emitting a rapid of pre. Hanging his tongue out, he once again aimed his throbbing phallus at the stadium. He was convinced this was it, and the look in his eyes and his aggressive fapping told the spectators below as much. That was until he left a paw on his right wrist, stopping him in his track.

"Not yet, sexy" The puma purred, standing upright again. "I’ve got other plans for you."

He nuzzled Takoda’s shoulder, rubbing his rock hard cock up and down his mate’s crack, drawing long moans of need from the horny direwolf. Shappa wasted no time, lining up his partner's hole and forcing his entire length inside.

"So fucking tight…gonna breed by sexy wolf pup good."

Shappa bit down on the direwolf’s neck, using just enough pressure to grab a hold of him, and began the assault on the tight fuzzy rump. Takoda threw his head on his lover’s shoulder, howling in pure bliss and pushing back again each lustful thrust. He grabbed his cock as it drooled a torrent of slick pre, pumping it with no intention of turning back. Both titans were right on the edge, their lustful grunts and growls growing louder and more needy, the churning loads primes for a devastating release.

"Is my stud ready to put those fucking hoofers out of their misery?" Shapps panted. "End their pitiful lives in a hot torrent of wolf cum."

The direwolf, consumed in his own lust, could only respond with heavy grunts.

"Dooo it!" the mountain lion grunted, pushing his mate in the back to force him to bend over. He grabbed the direwolf’s hips and drilled him like a piston, his full jock weight going to every thrust. Takoda took one look at the stadium below, and the cowering pests in it’s stands, and aimed the bulging cockhead at them. The world for thousands of horrified hoofers was reduced to nothing more than the grunts, growls, and roars of these two predator gods.

Takoda gave his target one final glance with a wide opened grin, and as he could feel the bubbling load surge up his cock, he aimed the bulging cockhead straight at the field and pumped his shaft with vigor. He let out a triumphant growl with the first shot of cum, which landed on the field with missile force, decimating any living being that happened to be huddled there. The direwolf kept pumping his orgasming cock, firing his load indiscriminately, each shot wiping out thousands of lives in a musky lake of cloudy goo. He went around the stands several times over, masking sure to leave no inhabited areas untouched. By the time his balls were fully drained, what was once a marvel of hoofer pride was reduced to nothing more than a mound of sticky wolf cum. Takoda’s ears perked up at the dramatic roar, accompanied by a final hard thrust in his ass and the warm feeling of his ass being filled with hot lion seed. He squeezed his ass muscles around his mate’s shaft and rode it like a cowboy, milking those feline balls for all the thick milk they had.

Their balls thoroughly drained, the two titans were left huffing and panting in the aftermath of their destructive orgasms. Shappa wrapped his arms around Takoda and pulled him upright, smashing his lips against the direwolf’s as his feline cock slipped out of his lover’s rump with a wet pop. The wolf god moaned into his mate’s mouth and slumped into his arms, barely able to stand on his own two feet.

"Mmmm…that was so hot, hun" Shappa moaned, licking the wolf’s muzzle.

As Takoda regained the strength in his knees, there was still one thing lingering in his mind.

"Uhhh…how did you…" Takoda started to ask before being cut off with another kiss from his mate.

"I’ll tell ya later, stud."