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Naval Romp

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Naval Romp

Tokala has some stompy fun at a Naval base and shows them who has the real power

Tags: Macro, Destruction, Vore (oral), Crushing, Rampage

The Naval base was in a state of total chaos, everyone from recruits to top officers ran around in panic as the ground rumbled beneath them. News reports were full of a giant wolf having his way with Norfolk, and their sprawling base was next on his target list. A platoon of Navy SEALs and all the combat equipment they could muster was standing guard at the gates, the only ones on the base not running around in a panic, but that didn't mean they weren't panicking inside. The toughest of the tough, these seals struggles to hold their heavy guns up as the colossal wolf approached them, crunching homes and cars under his heavy footpads like plastic toys. They had been through many dangerous missions, and thought were ready for anything, but they had no idea how to combat a 500 foot tall megawolf who could destroy with such frightening ease.

A dark shadow blanketed the base as the titan wolf approached, the sounds and vibrations of destruction growing in intensity with each step. The SEAL soldiers lost all control of their emotions, visibly shaking at the large furry mass coming towards them. With two thunderous stomps, the wolf planted his feet in front the gate, just feet from where the Seals were lined up.

Tokala gazed down at the lineup of Seals, his lips curling up into a wickedly evil smirk. He pulled his lips up, proudly showing off his razor sharp fangs which were dotted with the red stains of the countless number of citizens that fell victim to his voracious hunger. His right paw slid down the middle of his hard abs to his throbbing shaft, gripping it from the base and slowly sliding it to the head, emphasizing its enormous length. He lifted his footpaw over the platoon of Seals, one at a time, wiggling his toes and letting them get a good look at his blood-soaked pads. The sights and smell of death proved to be too much for these soldiers as they broke down, their bodies shaking and tears of terror streaming down from their eyes. It would have been easy enough for the lupine god to wipe them out with a few gory stomps, but he wanted to have a little fun with so-called elite fighters.

"Show me what you got, you little shits" Tokala boomed down on them.

Despite still suffering from a fit of fear, the Seals mustered up what strength they could to raise their guns to the godly mass of fluff and open fire. The wolf barely moved as they emptied their magazines on him. Bullets designed to pierce though a bullet proof vest were more like little bits of gravel that bounced off his furry legs.

"Haha, you pathetic little ants think that is going to hurt me?"

No matter what they threw at him, the giant wolf wasn’t phased. It wasn't too long before Tokala grew tired of their pathetic attempts to take him down. With an annoyed growl, he once again lifted a footpaw over half of the platoon. Those in the shadow of imminent death dropped their weapons and scattered, but some of their weapons discharged upon contact, shooting many of the SEALS in the foot and immobilizing them. They could only watch as those blood stained pads came down on them, the last thing they would see in their lives. He lowered his foot to just a few feet off the ground, curling up his toes to trap the few still running and dragging them back to their wounded comrades. Having his victims in one stompable pile under his foot, he began applying more pressure, grinding his pads back and forth against their bodies. The soldiers, accepting their fate, did not fight back, not even the uninjured ones. They sobbed, letting their worthless lives flash before them as the gore soaked pads grew heavier and heavier. The first SEAL popping under the pressure of his foot drew an aroused grunt from the wolf. Allowing his foot to fall flat, the remaining SEALs exploded one by one into a bloody red paste. The savage lupine dragged his foot across the pavement, painting a maroon red swipe for all to see as another mark of his brutal power.

Tokala turned his attention to the other half of the platoon, whom having learned from the mistake of their fellow SEALs had already placed their weapons down. They tried to run when they were hit with the devilish gaze of the titan wolf, but they were quickly scooped up into a pair of wolf paws. Before they had a chance to process through their minds what was happening, they found themselves face to face with the colossal muzzle of the savage wolf. The soldiers huddled together like horrified school children as they watched the titan open his mouth a let out a sinister laugh, the warm gust of wind reeking of death. A pink tongue surged out of the open maw, drawing wretched screams from the trapped soldiers, who were quickly scooped up in the bright pink flesh and pulled into the moist death chamber. Swishing them around in his maw, the wolf hummed at the delectable flavor of fresh SEAL meat before sending them down to his stomach with one audible gulp.

By this time, the base had fallen into an eerie silence, with most personnel taking cover in the various structures of the sprawling base. Only the bravest of souls stood on the rooftops and watched this gut wrenching display of power. Even the bravest were visibly frightened at how the wolf god so viciously had his way with the best the Navy could throw at him.

With the Navy Seals out of the way, Tokala began his malicious assault on the base with a deafening road, lifting a footpaw high above and crashing it down with his full weight. He took his time making his way down the road to the packed buildings, each stomp more powerful than the last, asserting his dominance over the most powerful naval force in the world. Steel reinforced structures rocked and swayed to the rage induced stomps, shaking in terror of the murderous titan as much as the seamen who hunkered down inside them.

The giant wolf stopped at the first structure he encountered, a warehouse type structure that was used as a dining hall. Instinctively, his stomach rumbled, echoing though the hallowed hall an eerie sound of impending doom for the sailors inside. He crouched down, taking a quick sniff at the aluminum box. His nostrils were full with the scent of hundreds of sailors hiding inside, unleashing a waterfall of saliva inside his maw, his taste buds eager for the moreish flavor of fresh cadet meat. The massive warrior dug his claws into the roof and peeled it back like a can of tuna, licking his lips as the human smell wafted up into the spring air. Looking down, all he could see was an empty cafeteria with dozens of tables and chairs, and a large kitchen off to the side. There was no visual sign of the sailors, but he knew they were there. He poked his wet nose in, sniffing out his prey. His sense of smell was so acute that he could work out not only under what tables they were hiding, but how many were there. The strong smell told him that it was a well stocked all you can eat seafood buffet, one that would be cleaned out by his salivating maw.

"Think you can hide from this big bad wolf? Well nothing is going to keep me from you delicious little sailors. You sea bugs think you're so tough, but you're nothing more than food for a hungry warrior like me. Fuel for me to crush all the shit you build."

As Tokala continued to taunt the quivering sailors, he grabbed various military equipment, tanks and other vehicles, crushing it in his paws and stacking it up against any escape routes. He didn't want to waste a single morsel from this bountiful seafood larder. The devious wolf lowered a paw inside the hall, wiggling his digits above as he carefully chose his first target, his attention drawn to a large table in the corner. Using his claws, he snatched the table, lifting it up and revealing the huddled up sailors underneath. A dozen of them cowering in horror as the they looked up at the furry monster. Tokala gazed back at them, his eyes gleaming with malice intent.

"Hehehe...found you."

The exposed personnel were up on their feet in an instant, running for their lives in a desperate search for some escape. Other sailors bolted from their hiding places, running around in every direction. It wasn't long before the hall descended into a state of total chaos, with hundreds of them running around in panic. Comradeship was tossed out the window as they shoved and trampled over one another to get to the exits, only to find every single one jammed shut by the mound of steel debris. All of this pandemonium was an amusing sight for the titan wolf. His evil laughter consuming what remained of the hall and enhanced the terror for his victims.

Tokala lowered a paw into the hall, his razor sharp claws standing at full attention and aiming for a dense pack of seamen at one of the blocked exits. Wretched screams rang out from the hall as the claws of death hurled towards them. The lucky few on the outside of the mass were able to run away, but the rest were treated to a gory death as the lupine claws cut through them like butter. Blood exploded out everywhere, coating the wolf's paws and those who escaped. Those who had eluded death were left in a state of shock as they observed a dozen of their fellow military brothers sliced up into a mash of body parts.

Tokala licked his blood coated paws, murring at the savory flavor of fresh human blood, before lowering his muzzle into the hall and lapping up the bits of human flesh. It was the beginning of a feeding frenzy as the hungry giant slid his muzzle across the floor, scooping up sailors into his maw. He loved not only their taste, but their texture as well. Soft on the outside, crunchy in the middle, and these grunts with their tough workout regiment had extra crunch from those strong bones. The wolf ate like a thing possessed, chowing down dozens of seamen in each delicious mouthful, giving his prey little time to react. That didn’t stop them from trying though. Some reverted back to hiding under tables, to which the wolf chuckled in amusement. He simply flicked the tables over and sucked the humans in his maw like a hoover. Others tried climbing the walls of the dining hall towards freedom, inadvertently making themselves more accessible to the furry monster. There was simply nothing that would keep a wolf from his seafood feast.

With the dining hall cleared of all human life and his stomach full, the macro wolf could turn focus his attention on that other organ crying out for some care. Tokala rose to his feet, gripping his meaty shaft, the impressive pink length throbbing and desperate to release the almighty load churning in his balls. He scanned the base with his devilish eyes and was drawn to two navy ships with hundreds of personnel running on board. The wolf took in a deep breath, letting out an earth shattering growl as he stomped towards the harbor. Each rage induced stomp rocked the earth to it’s very core, wiping out several of the bases buildings. Structures built to withstand a major hurricane vanished under the heavy pads and were left as nothing more than a pancake of steel in deep paw shaped craters. By some miracle, the sailors managed to evacuate to both ships before the angry wolf reached the harbor. However, those ships were moving at a snails pace as the snarling giant loomed over them.

“Going somewhere, my little sailor slaves?”

Tokala grabbed one of the ships right out of the water, lifting it up to his face like it was a plastic toy. Well aware of the power he possessed, the seamen on board were on their knees making desperate cries for mercy. As members of the most powerful military in the world, surrendering was never something they thought they would have to do, but they were forced to acknowledge his brutal power. Tokala though couldn’t be bothered to listen to the pitiful pleas of tiny grunts. He grasped the ship with paws at each end, his muscles bulging as he slowly crushed the ship. Horrific sounds of collapsing steel rang through the ears of the sailors, foreshadowing their rapidly approaching death. The chorus of screams lifted up in response only fueled the wolf’s hunger to crush this ultimate marvel of the military world. He had no mercy for a group of people who dared to think they were more powerful than him and was determined to put them in their place. The feeling of fresh blood on his paws drew a devilish grin from the wolf as the ship caved into a flat cylinder of steel.

Tossing the remains of one ship into a nearby neighborhood, Tokala's malevolent gaze turned towards the other. He had no trouble snatching it out of the water as it had barely made it 100 feet out to sea. The few cadets who stayed out on deck were in a state of fearful shock at the supernatural display of power they had just witnessed. Their minds spun trying to figure out what sort of fatal plans this wicked beast had planned for them as they were lifted out of the water. The ship was quickly introduced to his gargantuan cock as the wolf hovered it over the toy boat, his shaft covering a third of its length. The horny wolf grabbed his throbbing meat at the base and slammed it down onto the deck, shattering the concrete floor and pulverizing any seamen on the deck. Lustful moans parted from his lips as he rubbed his canine cock back and for against the damaged ship. Pre leaked out from his slit and found its way to the cabins below where most of the sailor were hiding, depriving them of any fresh air and filling their lungs with his musky scent. He cut a small opening at the opposite end of the ship with his claws and brought it up to his eyes and peered inside. The incision he made was only big enough to see into a few chambers, but what he did see drew a wicked chuckle. Several sailors were on the floor, huddled up and holding each other while shaking in abject fear.

"Awww isn't that sweet? My little toy grunts are cuddling" Tokala said in a mockingly cute voice. "Well here's something else you bugs can cuddle."

He lowered the ship back down to his cock pushing the head against the opening, the contact with the cool steel drawing a geyser of pre that flooded the interior cabins. Murring deeply, he began his push into the boat. The hole itself wasn't much bigger than the moist slit, but it expanded with growing pressure from the pulsating organ. It wasn't long before the entire head fought it's way into the hallowed steel interior. With one violent thrust, the entire length was wedged inside, shaking the ship with fervor. The less fortunate sailors at the front of the ship were mercilessly crushed by the invading flesh, while others where knocked around in the small cabins.

Tokala wasted no time carrying out his assault on the vessel, gripping it at one end and rocking his hips, slamming in with all his might. Deep lustful grunts reverberated across the landscape, letting the whole region know that the naval force they took such pride in was nothing more than a sex toy for a lewd beast. The brutal plowing slowly ripped the near end of the ship apart, allowing his cock to penetrate deeper and deeper into the chamber. His enormous dick drilled through a new wall and chamber with each vicious thrust, sending steady jolts of pleasure surging throughout his muscled mass. The occasional wet sensation of a seaman's body exploding underneath was the icing on the cake and drew a savage growl from the horny wolf. Those who weren't gored by the giant wolf dick were going through an out of body experience. Tossed around violently like dice in dark chambers, their ears filled with the sounds of crumbling walls, and their nostrils full of musky odor of erect wolf dick, their brains lost any ability to comprehend what was going on.

"Fuck yeah...drown in my cum ya little sea cunts..."

With an earth trembling growl, the macro wolf came, his cock pumping up and down like a piston as it filled the ship's cavity with thick jizz. The sailors who had survived the assault were wounded bad and could hardly move as they were buried alive in a tidal wave of lupine cum. It took no time for the ship to be filled to capacity. With his orgasm nowhere near completion, he removed his pulsating cock from the vessel and stomped around the base, pumping his meat for all it was worth and covering as much of the area as he could in his seed. Indeed it was less stomping and more stumbling around like he was drunk, the pleasure so intense that it was robbing his muscles of the strength to move around. It was all over soon enough though, his balls fully drained as was the rest of his body, but there was plenty to show for it. Untold numbers of cadets gone and a base painted in his cum. Tokala wore a smug grin as he tossed the remaining shell of a ship in the ocean and settled down for a much needed wolf nap.