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Reclaimed Land

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Reclaimed Land

Otaktay, the chief of the Fangkotah tribe returns the land of his followers to it's rightful state, free of humanity

Tags: macro, wolf, tribal, rampage, destruction, piss, watersports

Otaktay snickered as he calmly strolled over the suburbs of Vancouver, letting out the odd grunt of pleasure as entire neighborhoods vanished underneath his pads. With his paws behind his back, the gargantuan red wolf walked up and down the landscape, casually but purposefully wiping out the tiny communities under his musky pads.

The infamous chief of the Fangkotah tribe stood a gargantuan 7 miles tall above the human settlements, his feetpaws alone looming large over the tallest tower the humans could construct. All of the two and three story buildings felt like nothing more than cookie crumbs to the mega wolf. Still the enormous power trip from wiping out a mile wide stretch of civilization with each footfall sent the blood rushing to his cock, the veiny pink flesh standing at full attention. Everyone in the sprawling area knew they were living on borrowed time and land as the tribal territory of the size shifting wolves stretched far and wide. They were not welcomed guests of these natives but rather a nuisance to take out their lewd urges on. It was only a matter of time before one of these wolves woke up one morning with a appetite for destruction and was led by the spirit to their city. This just happened to be their morning of doom.

Having decimated the eastern suburbs under his soles, Otaktay lorded over the skyscraper packed downtown, one foot on Stanley park, the other on Chinatown. The skies of Vancouver suddenly turned to dusk under the eerie shadow of the aroused chief. His deep growly laugh filled the atmosphere with a wicked thunder that shook even the heaviest steel towers to their core. The wolf lifted his right foot from the park, hovering it just above a densely packed area of high rise apartment buildings. Temperatures soared under his musky pads well past world records. Combined with the unbearable odor and near 100 percent humidity, breathing became next to impossible. He wiggled his toes, raining bits of the buildings and bodies that had stuck to his pads down on the dammed neighborhood. This shower of debris was also accompanied by a downpour of sweat extracted from his paw. The streets were quickly flooded with this foul water and anyone outside that hadn't been killed by the falling debris was drowned in the biblical sweat flood. The titan warrior lowered his foot gradually, stopping when the roofs of the buildings made contact with his pads. He shifted his foot back in forth in the smallest motions possible, but what seemed like gentle movement swayed the buildings to their very limit. For some, even the softest abuse at the hands of this god proved too much and they toppled over like dominos. Others put up a fight in what was a losing battle against a best determined to leave nothing standing. He lowered his heal to the ground, flattening several city block that once glittered with bright blue condos. Gradually, he let more and more of his footpaw fall flush to the ground, sending a wave of total destruction south, his sensitive pads picking up every building as it crumbled under them. Waves of evil pleasure shot up his legs and through his muscled mass, drawing a sadistic moan as he closed his toes around the last of the standing towers, squeezing them down to crumbs.

Otaktay grabbed his throbbing mile long shaft, sliding his paw up and down the enormous length, giving it the attention it craved. The slit began leaking instantly, dousing the city below with a shower of hormonal fluid. This was only a precursor to the apocalypse that awaited the confused population. A lewd growl escaped his throat as he continued to stroke his lethal weapon. His balls churned with a full load of thick ammunition that would spell an end to the worthless lives of millions. A cocky grin spread across his muzzle as he thought how stupid these humans were to think they could just build on their sacred land without repercussions. Then again there was nothing like getting a rise out of showing off his godly power to all of humanity. A few long stokes was all it took to ready his pulsating cannon for fire. He muttered a few words in his native tongue as he aimed his shaft at the doomed city below, Nobody could understand his language, but it didn't really matter because came down on the dammed population like an earth shaking thunder.

With a loud growl, his cock fired its first shot of cum, the creamy white blob striking the earth with the force of a meteor, demolishing half of the downtown area. His cock fired of shots of ropey jizz like an assault rifle on the city, crushing and burying city blocks by the dozens. It took a mere few split seconds before the city was nothing more than a mountain of thick wolf seed. With plenty more rounds to go, he aimed his shaft in every direction. He growled like a possessed madman on a rampage, he made sure every corner of the city felt the destructive power of his orgasm. He spun around several times making sure that no neighborhood was left dry. The results after a minute of the ball draining orgasm were something the chief could take immense pride in. Vancouver was nothing more than a sea of his native cum, but this was hardly enough for him. There were still plenty of suburban areas that had yet to feel the deadly power of the wolf tribe, but the ruthless chief had plenty more tricks at his disposal.

He held his softened cock, his lips curling into a malevolent grin as the softened organ was ready to cause more havoc on the untouched communities, but with a very different ammunition. He let out a loud moan of relief as the piss slit opened up and unleashed a powerful stream of piss. The towns first to get showered in the golden hose were instantly wiped up under the shear force his piss. As he moved his pissing cock from side to side, it created a tsunami of hot stinky fluid that charged across the landscape. At heights eclipsing the towers that once graced Vancouver's skyline, it washed away municipalities with horrifying ease. Towns and cities that had taken hundreds of years to build were wiped out in seconds by a raunchy wave, leaving nothing to salvage. As the piss stream subsided, Otaktay let out a loud howl, a howl that sent a clear message for hundreds of miles around. This is the territory of the Fangkotah, one city has just suffered the wrath of the tribe, yours could be next.